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Water Gardens in Rocky Point, New York

Nothing beautifies your outdoor property more than your water garden. At Brian's Aquarium & Pets in Rocky Point, New York, our pet store offers a wide selection of fish, decorations, and supplies for water gardens of every shape and size.
Fish, Water Gardens in Rocky Point, NY

Water Garden Supplies

We have all the items you need to make your water garden thrive, and our professional staff is always available to provide our insight about your specific garden. In addition to our excellent selection of fish and water plants, we also have Pondmaster™ mag-drive pumps, pond filters, and pond liners for do-it-yourself installation.

Pond Fall/Winter Care

It is important you remember to cover your pond with net during the fall season to prevent leaves from accumulating at the bottom. You should feed a wheat germ food to your fish during the fall to prepare them for the winter months. During the winter season a pond heater is often required, you must also vent the surface of the pond to keep it from freezing over solid.
Pond Pets:
• Japanese Koi
• Pool Goldfish
• Calico Shubunkins
• Sky Blue Shubunkins
• Golden Orfes
• Blue Channel Cats
• Bull Frog Tadpoles
• Apple Snails
• Red Slider Turtles
Pond Plants:
• Water Hyacinths
• Water Lettuce
• Hornwort
• Anachris
• Bog Plants
• Umbrella Palm
• Dwarf Papyrus
• Iris
Contact us today with any questions about your water garden or the type of fish or supplies you are looking for.