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Aquarium Tanks in Rocky Point, New York

At Brian's Aquarium & Pets we specialize in helping people find everything they need to keep their pet fish healthy and looking vibrant. Our pet store in Rocky Point, New York, has a huge selection of aquarium tanks and supplies for all variety of fish.
Fish Tank, Aquarium Tanks in Rocky Point, NY
Aquarium Tanks in Rocky Point, NY

Aquariums & Fish

Owning aquarium fish is an exciting and rewarding hobby that will bring the magic and mystery of underwater life into your home, office, or classroom. But as is the case with any hobby, fish keeping requires some basic equipment—and some basic knowledge.
A healthy aquarium is relatively easy to achieve and maintain, but it will not happen by itself. It depends on you. In rivers, lakes and oceans, water is cleansed and filtered naturally. To keep aquarium water clean and healthy, you must help. This means taking care not to overcrowd the tank or overfeed the fish. It means changing some of the water regularly, cleaning the gravel bed and providing the proper filtration.
Sound like a lot? It's really not. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes a week. In addition to your aquarium, filter, and lighting, here's a list of what you need to get started:
• Gravel: Coated or Pre Washed is Ideal
• Decorations: Only Those Designated for Aquariums (Live or Artificial Plants and Ornaments)
• Water Conditioner: De-Chlorinates Tap Water to Make It Safe for Fish
• Net: To Transfer Fish
• Gravel Washer: For Water Changes and Cleaning
• Fish Food: Consult Our Staff for a Recommendation
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Aquarium Supplies
Aquarium Supplies
Aquarium Supplies